Beginnings Again

Author: J. Lesley Graham


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About the Book

People became colonists on newly opened frontier worlds for a wide variety of reasons. Most wanted a new beginning. Some wanted the adventure frontier worlds promised. A few wanted to escape their ugly problems on their home worlds. Potential colonists underwent a thorough background check, including a criminal investigation. They were also forced to pay hundreds of credits as an immigration fee. The Samuel Wiggins Immigration Adventure was different. The colonists were desperate to get away from their current situations. The vast majority of them had fought long, vicious wars before being evacuated from their home worlds. They were sequester in a prison camp on a gray world where its gray, silicon based indigenous life forms had a taste for carbon based life forms. Samuel Wiggins made them an offer that seemed like an answer to prayer. He would transport them to their new world, and provide all of the equipment and supplies they would need. He would also give each one 200 credits they could spend on anything they wanted. Excitement turned to depression early on in their flight to their new world. That was after they learned Samuel Wiggins was a drug lord, and his Immigration Adventure was nothing more that setting up a huge drug manufacturing operation. Worse, their new home world was classified code Blue, unsuitable for human colonization. Things turned downright scary after they arrived at the planet and an overwhelming number of starships attacked the starship transporting their spaceships. The starship jumped back into Hyper flight, flew across the galaxy and down a spiral arm. When the starship reappeared in normal space, it was out in the middle of a dark nowhere without any chance of flying back to civilization. Would the severely damaged starship be able to fly to a star system? Would they find a planet that they could colonize?

Features & Details

Pages: 406
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #beginningsagain

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