The Odd Twins

Author: Randy Caparco

( 9781640691186)

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About the Book

Life is full of mysteries and we limit our thoughts to what we believe sounds right and reasonable. Our minds control our lives based on our past experiences and so our ability to expand is limited. New incoming information is handled based on the past and so we constantly live in the past. This writing will take you beyond what you believe and allow you to experience an event that seems so unbelievable that it will have you researching to find out if it is possible. The characters are depicted in such a way that makes them bring this event to real life. They are believable and as the events unfold it will be mind boggling. It will expand your ability to allow for the possibility of accepting new information and possibilities. This writing depicts a tale of woe and the trauma that leads to an unbelievable conclusion that will leave the reader with many wonders and thoughts.

Features & Details

Pages: 206
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #theoddtwins

About the Author

Randy Caparco, author, holds a master’s degree from CW Post College. He has been a law enforcement officer for a period of not less than thirty years. Today he is retired from his last law enforcement position with the state of New York. He is an enrolled agent authorized to practice before the IRS and has an accounting firm located in Suffolk County, New York.

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