Boston Flickers

Author: Michael Kravitz

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About the Book

“Boston Flickers” is a sequel. A longer story but just as captivating as the first. With the stress of time and mounting causalities, the conflict within, and out of the Randall family intensifies. With both sadness and hope, you will be captivated until the end.

Features & Details

Pages: 166
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #bostonflickers

About the Author

Michael Kravitz is an emerging author who lives in Southern New England. Born in Scranton Pa. He moved to a residential farming community in the 1950s. This helped developed a sense of self sufficiency, and a strong work effort. This gave him the driving force that developed Ben Randal’s character. He had a lifetime of experiences, enduring many ups and downs. . He published his first book “Boston Darkens” The second book is a sequel, a continuing story of the struggles of Ben Randal and his family. After High School Michael Kravitz went to the University of Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor of Science degree. He also has done some post graduate studies at Suffolk University, And Boston University. Soon after college he worked as an Engineer at Johnson & Johnson. Back in the late 60s during the Viet Nam era we had the draft. Instead of opting for a draft exemption, he did a stint in the US Army. After serving in the US Army he came home and went for a ride with his grandmother. With his college degree and an honorable discharge he sought employment. Visiting six different firms that day, he had four offers for employment. He elected to work for Draper Bros., in Canton, Ma Throughout his life he attempted many different activities. He played in Tennis tournaments, Dart teams, Bowling, Skiing, Played the clarinet in symphonic bands. He also worked on the week-ends in his Father’s business. His father owned a Reupholstering and Window treatments shop. They did custom work for decorators and special clients. When his father was diagnosed with cancer, he left his engineering job to keep the business going.. Soon days turned to months and years. During those years he has done extensive traveling not as a tourist but usually alone and on trains. Some of the countries he visited are Holland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Tanzania, Austria, Mexico, Canada and England. It is his life’s experience as a common man, that allows him to be sensitive to his audience. In his first book “Boston Darkens” it demonstrates a possible scenario of a family’s struggles after an EMP strike. His neighbors had an unlikely group of heroes that formed a collaborative.

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