The Well-Being of Youth and Marriage

Author: Robert Gibbons


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About the Book

This book is to better help the education of girls about life. It is also to help those who have started new relationship blossom, then help the family unit to become closer and to open up to each other. Also to let people who are advancing in years that love can still bloom in and out of the bedroom. Plus have mother and son communicate more as to father and daughter.

Features & Details

Pages: 48
Genre: Education
Tags: #education, #thewellbeingofyouthandmarriage

About the Author

My name is Robert Gibbons. I have been educating teenagers, young adults, married couples and senior people on life and relationships for a number of years. Let me say right here that I am not a counsellor, psychiatrist, psychologist or any other professional in this field. The knowledge I have has been gained from life’s experiences, both mine and the people around me. Over the years, I have helped people from all walks of life. These people are from a wide variety of backgrounds, and from all over the world. They tell me that I have enriched their lives, and saved some from a life of misery. I have created this Booklet to try to get my message to as many people as possible. My teachings do not discriminate by religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or... My sincere hope is that by the time you have read this Booklet, you will be able to see a way to a better life for yourself and your family for now and into the future. Life brings everyone many relationship challenges, and I am here to help you meet those challenges.

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