On Edge

Author: Apollo Perez

( 9781945960727)

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About the Book

As we understand it, there has always been lights in the dark skies! People have witnessed Ships that appear and then Dart away then reappear moments later! Others say they have seen Beings from another World! Others say they have been abducted and still others say they have been taken and examined then released! The general public believes there is something to these stories and still others disregard the sightings and say there are explanations to them and questionable individuals. An eccentric preventive maintenance mechanic that fits in these category had wondered just what he would do if he would ever see such a thing! He had an extraordinary imaginative mind and understood the concepts of the computer world! He had Great Imagination and The thought of “What If” had always got him in trouble! Such a Ship Did come from the Heavens and used their scans on the surface to probe for such a mind in an individual for an experiment! Highly Advanced Beings from another Planet had been expanding for years! Traveling vast distances to many Planets and systems and have been in contact with other forms of life everywhere they go. In all their studies they have always been pushed around and sometimes had difficulties finishing their studies! With their Highly Advanced Technological wisdom, they eventually outgrew their basic body needs. An idea came to one of their Leaders! To scan and approach a physically fit and mentally capable Being Humanoid for use as their Body Guard! They would have to persuade and not abduct, to have him come willingly! This was important so he would be willing to accept this new way of life and help them in any situation! As things were happening as usual, there were complications and he was asked to learn more than they had expected. He was exposed to Unlimited Available Knowledge and something happened! As he pushed his capabilities to Beyond Comprehension, The Beings started seeing him as a Special Person and others thought of him as, The Coming of the Chosen One! Stories started swirling around the Society as the coming of such a Person from an Unknown Planet! As he hears of such stories and the way they see him, he starts to act like this Special Person and then he pushes it but believes he will soon be found as a fake and returned or worse, left abandoned in some unknown Planet! Surely Always On Edge!

Features & Details

Pages: 648
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #onedge

About the Author

Apollo Perez, born in South Texas and spent his childhood in the family farm. Being out in the open fields, his mind often wondered and this may have played a part in developing his imagination. Always seeing the funny side of things he maintained his charasmitic character throughout his life. A full time equipment mechanic and part time dragstrip top end emergency, he always found time to write about his exploits. His big step in writing about his favorite subject finally got off the ground. Time will only tell when the world gets to see his works.

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