Dialogue With The Self

Author: Wahab Owolawi, Phd


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About the Book

“Dialogue with the self-unlocking the door to your true self ” explores the world of duality that exist in all humans-the world of incomplete (physical) and that of complete or panoramic (soul) consciousness. _ e narrative in the book depicts a journey into a hypothetical city called ‘Niyod’ to interact with people whose world isn’t significantly different from ours yet whose views and perception of life is slightly at variance with ours. The traveler (Operosus) garnered profound wisdom and knowledge which he has graciously shared in this book.

Features & Details

Pages: 208
Genre: Self-Help
Tags: #selfhelp, #dialoguewiththeself

About the Author

Dr. Wahab Owolawi is an audiologist and a university professor. He has a penchant for extensive reading on subjects related to his specialty. In addition, he’s an avid reader of other scientific, philosophic, and self-development related books. He’s a budding, yet highly promising writer of self-development books. One of the books co-authored is ‘Affirmations for successful living.’ Dr. Owolawi, sees the world from the prism of soul-consciousness where all are one irrespective of our physical differences and he believes the elusive peace and love are attainable on earth should we all decide to embark on a journey within.

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