Some Summer Morning

Author: Wayne Cook

( 9781640697898)

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About the Book

Wayne Cook is a television engineer with a penchant for exploration and a curiosity of places and people. He has traveled extensively into Central and South America, survived country upheavals and the distrust of foreign police. Noting the sounds and tastes of a culture, he assimilated the surroundings of markets and airports, the dress of the unquestionably wealthy and the rags of beggars. Life has always been a newly presented yet hidden treasure of sight and sound. Trouble only delayed the laughter of joy as he crawled, climbed and danced through villages and cities, jungle and desert. He claims no expertise at life, only the reality of a given day, facing danger as he would peace. He was born in Lansing Michigan, the son of children’s camp volunteers. Growing up under the tutelage of a radio broadcaster, he quickly gained an insatiable thirst for how things worked, from a blade of grass to the transmitter glowing blue in the back of a radio station. By the time he’d reached eighteen, he’d flown a WW2 PBY Catalina, spent six weeks in a remote Peruvian village, and climbed the Andes. Family and wife only disclosed more visibly his desire to raise new curious minds as he began to teach his progeny of life and how to build and maintain it. From wheel flappers on a bike, to the intricacies of IT networking, he passed on the glories of discovery to children and youth alike. “Each generation should build on the last, discovering as much as possible in their lives,” he had more than once, said. He works fulltime as a camera specialist and digital systems engineer for Daystar Television Network, while living a quiet life with family. At sixty four, he maintains that the best of life is yet ahead and pursues writing, composing music, a love of architectural modeling, and photography with the same passion as he did when he first opened a magazine which had just published an aviation picture he’d taken with an Argus C-3, a used relic of former world class photographers. The earth only became a larger canvas for a boy with an endless imagination.

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Pages: 578
Genre: Biography
Tags: #biography, #somesummermorning

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