The Unseen Wisdom Of The Unborn

Author: Atul Kumar Mehra


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About the Book

"This book offers a powerful insight into the topic of 'intrauterine life', a topic which is a culmination of many years of therapeutic work. In this book, Atul Kumar Mehra presents irrefutable evidence straight from the "mouths" and experiences of his clients. Ever since my mother died in 2014, I have been curious to understand how one creates disease in themselves. I now understand that we are responsible for creating and healing our own diseases, and it all originates within the intrauterine life. This is the critical time during which our parents' thoughts and words affect and shape our life experiences. This is the time when we record external information and experience internal emotions related to love or rejection, creating a foundation from which we attract the rest of our life experiences. Atul Kumar suggests that when we go into a relaxed state, we are able to access our unconscious mind and gain a deeper understanding of how we can live our life as a 'whole'. If we grasp the essence of the therapy presented in this book, we could prevent many traumas and problems from taking root, and instead create a life full of joy, health, and meaning. Nathalie Virem Best Selling Author

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Pages: 154
Genre: Health & Fitness
Tags: #healthfitness, #theunseenwisdomoftheunborn

About the Author

Atul Kumar Mehra is an Author, International speaker and Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, Canada. He has participated in Moderated Panel Discussion Videos with Dr. John Gray (The author of Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars) on different topics. He has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows in different languages, as well as a keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

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