The Human Inside Apertus Modem

Author: Y.T Cheng


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About the Book

Two years after they decided to go out into the world, 117 and his friends return once more for a priority mission that’s out of their world. Quite literally. Under peace time conditions, they have been deemed obsolete and unnecessary but when an old friend supposedly returns from the dead, they are the only ones qualified to prepare for the cataclysm approaching their unsuspecting planet. For the survival of humanity, the amborgs go to space to prepare for an interstellar war. The universes are forever changed as they are joined by a defense fleet of the S.C.E. from their next-door universe to fight against an alien species that are coming. Will the combined effort of two universes and the cooperation between this alliance be enough to turn the tide of the war in their favor? Will the amborgs learn about what the alternate universe has to provide? Impossible odds and a very unlikely chance of success. Another typical day for an amborg.

Features & Details

Pages: 510
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #thehumaninsideapertusmodem

About the Author

Apertus Modem’s story was conceived for my love of wanting to make a story soar out into the vast unknown entity of space. All of my experiences were great ones, meaning there were good and bad moments in my life that may or may not be reflected in this new addition to “The Human Inside” series. The fact that this second book is out now is yet another dream come true in my aspirations. Hard work and dedication to the world in my mind has brought out another story where readers can once again relate or even get close to some of the iconic characters returning in this sequel. I am hopeful that everyone has fun with this series as I currently write more from my home in Portland, Oregon.

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