The Redhead

The Redhead

Author: H.M Howington
Pages: 184
Genre: Fiction
Paperback (9781641661560) $11.99
Hardback (9781641661577) $24.99
PDF (9781641661584) $3.99
EPUB (9781641661591) $3.99
Kindle (9781641661607) $3.99


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March 1967 to March 1968, I served in Vietnam, where I was decorated for valor, which I won’t go into now. Through the years, I worked as a musician playing guitar and piano in a road band. I’ve done studio recording and played for other artists in these sessions. I drove a big truck and covered all fifty states, Alaska and Hawaii was by Uncle Sam during the Vietnam
Charlie McQuillen is an ex-military intelligence officer while severing World War II. After serving his country above and beyond the call of duty, he retired from the US Army and settled down in Los Angeles, California. He got a job as a police investigator and worked at that until he decided he would try working as a private investigator. His first case kind of fell on him out of sheer luck. So this set him on his way. The Redhead is about a young British girl who turned out to be more than what he was expecting. She wound up in his office needing help but was scared away by a couple of goons. Charlie thought he would never see her again, but this was not the case. She took him through a lot of excitement and danger, which he almost didn’t survive.

Along the way he meets many savory characters along the way. Some were harmless and others not so much. He has an ex-wife and a new girlfriend to take up his off time. Charlie has to follow the clues no matter where they are.

He chased some clues to New Mexico in search of answers. Charlie still has a few army buddies he consorts with for fun and business. There’s abundance of different model cars that is describe in the book.

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