Spooked By The Title

Author: GoosePunk


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About the Book

I was born in Hythe Alberta Canada. To David & Emily Stickney in 1981. My Grandmother, Olive Stickney, was Author of, “Pioneer Round Up”. My family was pioneers as was everyone in that area, when Hythe was settled, I believe. My father was born in ‘39. They still used horse & buggyin that part of the world, at that time. My father had to ski to school. Of my cousins 16 of which. Then my brother and I. I’m lucky I can read and write. My Uncle, next from my dad has only seen me for one day ever. Together we watched Ferris Beulers day off, & Falling Down. Never saw him before, & I never saw him again. Equally interesting. My other uncle loves guns. Something of which my father is against. So, while my 6 cousins of that family get moose jerky, because their father hunts. I get to smoke cigarettes, because I haven’t many friends. No, it doesn’t feel good, & cigarettes do help me feel better. In our town, Olive was town counsil or something. She built us an Olympic size swimming pool, an old folk’s home, a 50 bed hospital, & ran the tourist booth which was two converted tack shops. With the tack on the wall none the less. 0, money accepted so far, I do my poetry out of the sheer joy, & teach others how to do it as well. I’ve gotten quite good at composing my own punkrock. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. I skateboard as a “lookout for active terrorists”. Which means I’m homeland security in my own way. I’ve been the drummer for three bands. All of which exploited by the same person. This person we’ll call Elmer Fud. Must think I’m some kind of damn rabbit. I’m none the less a turtle though, & a hero. I carry my home on my back.

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Pages: 34
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #spookedbythetitle

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