From Misty Hills to Forest Ranges

Author: Peter Brown


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About the Book

I have over a number of years been irresistibly moved to commit to paper my thoughts and feelings. This was either to record them for posterity or just save them as a matter of self-indulgence. They sometime came in nostalgia for times and places far away, or came quite spontaneously, given life by a transient thought, or a sequence of signify can’t events, that struck a responsive chord within the heart. Sometimes these thoughts would come in the darkness and silence, that comes before sleep; that time of half dreaming reflection. Then a thought would turn into words and then into a line or two of verse. It was then a matter of being finally compelled to put them on paper, after a brief struggle with the desire to sleep. They had to be written down in case the combination of words had dissolved in the morning. So it was up out of bed to the kitchen with pen, so as not to disturb Pauline. Sometimes these thoughts were related to something heard or read that moved or affected me deeply. It was as if these impressions sought to be resurrected, to have perpetual life, to live again in words and verse that the world might not forget. So I saw that putting some of my poems and ballads into book form, even if only a few at first would be a means of bringing them to others. I also hoped that those who are not habitually addicted to the muse, might find something, that is, hopefully not just entertaining and pleasurable to read, but also thought provoking. It would give me great satisfaction, if I thought that any small effort of mine had helped to take someone outside of themselves and away for even a few moments from those things which our structured lives are now subject to, in today’s hurrying,heedless electronic world.

Features & Details

Pages: 112
Genre: Poetry
Tags: #poetry, #frommistyhillstoforestranges

About the Author

Peter Brown served in the British army in Malta and Cyprus and was a company arms storeman in Cyprus. He is a long time artist and attended the Regional College of Art in Bradford Yorkshire. Road cycling is another passion and he still rides most days and up to recently still competed in club road races. He has in the past built his family two homes in his spare time and worked in most aspects of building and carpentry. Having sold the large family home he built, he now lives in Port Macquarie N.S.W.

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