Paper Faces

Author: Alexis Krogman


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About the Book

People like me, people like us… we never stood a chance. Faye is a girl who has been on the streets from the time she and her younger sister Echo were abandoned by their parents. Both their lives have been a struggle. The two of them have grown up street-savvy, stealing when necessary and never getting caught thanks to Faye’s abilities. Cosmic is a boy who has had an average life until his world fell apart at age seven. He’s kept a terrible secret for so long. His life has been a struggle. He wonders if he will ever be anything more than the monster he sees himself as. Both of them have had to fend for themselves until they found people they thought they could trust. But not even this trust could last forever. Neither one knows the other exists, that is, until fate brings them together. The two are thrown into the Wilderness—an entire world which has the sole purpose of disposing of criminals—but they are not about to give up that easily. Faye has her sister to live for, and she will never give up hope so long as there is life in her body. Her sister means the world to her, and Faye knows that Echo could never survive on her own. Cosmic is determined to survive just to spite the world and prove that he can’t be disposed of so easily. But his will to survive changes when he meets Faye.

Features & Details

Pages: 232
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #paperfaces

About the Author

Alexis Krogman spent the most influential years of her childhood living in small towns and quiet neighborhoods. Most of the children complained that there was nothing to do, but Alexis learned quickly that there was always another world she could escape to. She started reading at a very young age and quickly became addicted. Her escape became the worlds of the characters she came to know and love. As time wore on, she started writing her own worlds, getting attached to each character she created. Reality held little excitement and close to no adventures, but fantasy was a world where anything could happen. With time, practice, and persistence, Alexis began writing her own works. First paragraphs, then short stories, then finally novels. These stories became her life. These characters became her friends. This was her world. The world of fantasy. Alexis now attends Black Hills State University and is working on earning her Masters in Secondary Education. She hopes to return to Newcastle High School to teach English to other students who also have aspirations for writing.

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