Poetry Diaries

Author: Shantal Cole


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About the Book

This book is dedicated to every little girl who felt empty, who felt lost, who felt discouraged and who felt ugly because of ignorant people who choose not to see their beauty. To my dark skin sistas, brown skin sistas and light skin sistas. My beautiful mom who I deeply cherish and my sisters, who I also cherish as well.

Features & Details

Pages: 50
Genre: Poetry
Tags: #poetry, #poetrydiaries

About the Author

Growing up in Maywood, IL I experienced hardships and pain throughout my life; bullied, struggling to fi t in and learning to accept my dark skin beauty. As this dark skin little girl is being taunt everyday by people who can’t understand her struggle nor her pain, she had trouble with identifying who she was as this little dark skin girl. However, as time passed, this little girl was not afraid of her beauty because she learned to accept her chocolate skin. Some people grew to love her but, some people love was temporarily from ex-friendships, ex-boyfriends and her own family on her dad’s side. Fake friendships, disconnection from the boo-thang and damaged hurt from the ones who she thought loved her. To fast forward, every broken relationship taught me to see things better; it protected me from destroying who I was created to be. Throughout my life God transform me to change the world and empower little girls through my story that I survived. I am blessed to say, I made it with the support of my mom, sisters and nieces and nephews; God is great. Everyone has a voice, so don’t silence the words that can be a blessing to someone.

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