Turning Point

Turning Point

Author: Rutha Turner Jones
Pages: 74
Genre: Poetry
Paperback (9781941736289) $7.56
PDF (9781941736296) $3.38
EPUB (9781941736302) $3.38
Kindle (9781941736319) $3.38


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A compilation of poems written by the author based on her daily life experiences. The emotions are gripping and explosive.
Rutha Turner Jones was born and raised in Fernandina Beach, Florida. She is the mother of two sons, Lawrence Jr. and Edward; both are endeavoring toward college degrees.

She attributes her love for words to an older sister, who would never tell her how to spell a word or give her the definition. She would hand her the dictionary and tell her to look it up. Of course, that sister became a teacher.

It seems as if I have been writing poems since forever and it has always been a goal of mine to have my work published someday. At the time I was writing Turning Point, I was personally experiencing my own turning point. Thus, there was no other title befitting this book then Turning Point.

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