The Life Of Jack

Author: Deana Labrecque


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About the Book

The Life of Jack is a children’s book about a mouse who wants friendship but doesn’t find it easily. Jack needs to protect her food while living with other mice and when adopted from thieves, until she finds friendship and her whole outlook changes. Jack offers food builds a friendship and enjoys her life.

Features & Details

Pages: 42
Genre: Juvenile
Tags: #juvenile, #thelifeofjack

About the Author

As a child growing up in Casco, Maine, I didn’t imagine the desire I’d have as an adult to return to the “simple” life of the woods. I didn’t realize just how much I’d miss the country setting until I moved to Biddeford. I decided then that life in nature is what I thrive on. Through thick and thin, the most important part of my life is my son and I enjoy thoroughly teaching him and learning from him as well. I have written several short stories with illustrations for him in his 7 years and want him to see that anything is possible as long as we can imagine it. Nowadays I see him far less than I desire but we make the absolute best out of the time we do share, with creating, imagining and learning. The love of my life, who I’ve known and worked with for over 4 years, has been a positive influence in my life, artwork and writing. We met while working together in Bangor. His interest in my artwork is what sparked our first conversations and friendship. My stories and art are bits of me which I can only express through the paper or object it ends up on, varying from a wide range of interests. I’ve learned to enjoy it all good and bad and know someday I will have that serene wooded lot in the middle of nowhere surrounded by wildlife and live out the rest of my dream. As with many people who have a deep interest in the forms of art, to understand it is the extension of themselves in which speaks the many volumes they themselves cannot. Hence why that small captive bread mouse we know as Jack lives such a life of wonder.

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