The Place Where The Metaphor Hides

Author: Chris Novelozo


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About the Book

The number one poet in the world, Chris N., is pulled into a magical notebook by means of treachery and selfishness. Six years; he is trapped alongside the monsters. The Children hunt him, The Passerby tempts his mortal spirit, and The Metaphor continues to reign down horror upon the inhabitants of The Place. Enter our heroine, Jenny. Six years; she has searched for her beloved. Six years, has she come up dry? In her quest to find him, she stumbles upon the notebook.

Features & Details

Pages: 102
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #theplacewherethemetaphorhides

About the Author

I was born in the summer, but in the early hours of the morning. My mom tells me it was something like 4 a.m. As a child, I remember enjoying the waves; the sound of them crashing, the way that they taste. I always hated the beach though; something that my classmates never understood. In fact, they didn’t understand much past the way of my forehead. I don’t feel that anymore; the helplessness. I feel grand purpose. I feel a vision calling me, not unlike the Siren’s song. My name is Chris N. and I am a Poet. My power comes from the pain I am reminded of each day as I wake to my ceiling. It comes from the love I receive from my family. It comes from my poetry. San Diego is cloudy less than five months out of the year, it seems. I love the clouds. I love my city.

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