Lost In The Darkness Of Thought

Author: Robert Blondin


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About the Book

This book was written as a spinoff of my first book - this time as a short story with a poetic dark twist! All purely fun and fiction! The book was concocted solely using some of my poetry and enhanced into a story telling venture, wherein I am lost in the darkness of thought. There are characters suggested in this book, however they are indirect or unknown and reference may only be by name or by nickname or just simply to remain unknown. Throughout the book there may be a few motivational type messages, take them for what they are worth. Permit yourself to wander and to wonder as you enter a poetic journey into the depths of the unknown.

Features & Details

Pages: 56
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #lostinthedarknessofthought

About the Author

Robert R. Blondin Toronto, Ontario, Canada Born in 1949, the youngest of 12, in Callander, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Toronto, Ontario, in 1968, worked in law enforcement and retired in 1999. I write poetry, draw, sketch, paint, sing, etc. - basically anything I want to do and whenever I want to do it; because I can, while I can! Each day is a blessed day, a creative day the ability to paint, to write, to sing and to share, is a gift, no matter how good or bad the end result might be.

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