Chiseled Intelligence For The Soul

Author: Dr. George D. Naike, Ph.d., Frc.


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About the Book

This book is a perfect presentation of various ideas including; Positive Thinking, Self-Healing Words and other Wellbeing Ideas. It presents novelty and the elegance valuable for joggling the minds and stimulating the wits of those who truly care to share. Whether it is to applaud, exhort or instruct, the thought probing quotes presented in this literature are conveyed to capture the beauty of expressions that are beneficial for everyday living. Unlike anything before seen, the contents of this book will resonate harmoniously with every reader, particularly those who speak up for the advancement of humanity. The daring ones whose pioneering discoveries have shaped our world and continue to permeate various subject areas in Music, Arts, Sciences... They are the ones who speak the picturesque universal language of the Heart and The Soul of humanity. Here’s to those who believe in the great human cause and those who refute failure.

Features & Details

Pages: 126
Genre: Self-Help
Tags: #selfhelp, #chiseledintelligenceforthesoul

About the Author

Hi, my name is George Naike, and I am the author of Chiseled Intelligence, a book inspired by intuition my own life experiences. I have studied philosophy and metaphysics with extensions to philosophy, psychology, parapsychology, and mysticism... I have extensive knowledge of the journey into self, and I continue to study human nature. One of the best ways to begin understanding metaphysics is to think about the air we breathe. We cannot see it but we benefit greatly from its effects. I am the youngest of eight. Sports, particularly boxing, played an important role in my teenage years. I have always loved literature and poetry. It is a dream come true for me to write words that inspire people and so writing Chiseled Intelligence, is a great step for me. These books are not only based on intellectual endeavour. They reflect my indelible passion for the advancement of humanity and kindness amongst people of all nations. I have worked for charitable organisation almost all my adult working life. I am a humanitarian with an interest in self-development.

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