Suicide Mission Of James And Tracey

Author: Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka


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About the Book

The world has been entrapped with Northern Korea missiles and ammunition infiltrations, and the European countries are the targeted region. But a memorial incident that happened years ago in Cambodia prompted Dongy Dingy, a Northern Korean Mafia and armoury manufacturer, to plan a total annihilation of Jakes family. This singular act rekindled and aggravated an old enmity between Britain and Northern Korea. A test of security maneuvering was called upon by the British and Southern Korea to collaborate on a cold sea joint military task force. There was a big problem as to who should embark on this ‘Suicide Mission’ and two special Agents’ names were pencilled down. These two, although under the M15 payroll, but were sworn enemies. Then a tactical approach had to be followed and its military mandate and a forced merger must be executed. The two had no option than to obey superior order. And that’s not all, their names were to be struck out of Interpol list and as such, their identities were no longer logged into government protection or mentioning except if they come back home alive. There was the decision to make, either to lay their lives with their past pains or forgive one another. They decided to go because the blood of the Jakes family members who were gruesomely killed must be avenged and the security powerhouse of the British government was put to test. This mission is dirty and only James and Tracey could volunteer to risk their lives on this ‘Suicide Mission’ expedition. Who will blink first?

Features & Details

Pages: 108
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #suicidemissionofjamesandtracey

About the Author

Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka, popularly called, DSM, is an Author and a multi-tasky personality of great repute. He was born on the 10th October, 1962, a Nigerian from Umunnekwu Agbor, in Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State. His first book titled, THE WHISPERING VOICE was published by Authorhouse, UK and has been screen played for HOLLYWOOD movie. A novel described as the newest version of HOTEL RWANDA and AFTER APRIL great movies. His other great creative works include: THE SURVIVING TWINS AND A MOTHERHER HEART, published by Partridge Africa; TEARS FOR LOVE, published by Olympic publishers, UK; MY NATION MY AGONY and COLLECTION OF ILLUMINATORY POEMS, published by Living Edge, Nigeria.

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