The Lady Of Esterbrooke

Author: Ann W. Phillips


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About the Book

The Lady of Esterbrooke is a novel about a young couple and their journey through life. It begins with her life on Esterbrooke Plantation where she meets the love of her life and takes them through old age. They grow in their faith and love as the years go by, and they learn to cherish each other. They raise their children to respect their faith and to love animals. Marla and Lance are our main characters. He and his family are from Spain, and they own the plantation. Marla’s dad is the caretaker of the plantation. This story carries them through the courtship, the children, and into old age together. Their faith and the fact that they put Christ first in their marriage keeps them strong. They love the horses, cats, and donkeys that are on the plantation. And they love watching their children share their values as they grow into adulthood.

Features & Details

Pages: 332
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #theladyofesterbrooke

About the Author

I was born on Estherville Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina. My dad was the caretaker of that plantation at the time. He was a self-taught watch and clock repairman, he put down wells and he worked on the railroad trestle. My dad and my mother were hard-working, God-fearing, honest people. They are respected by their community and everyone that got to know them. They were never rich in earthly riches, but they were rich in what really mattered. My dad and mom were animal lovers and they taught us, my brother and I, to respect nature. I had a dream childhood filled with love and respect. I married my husband, Stephen Lamar Phillips in 1963. We moved to Mount Pleasant, S.C. and I still live there. We had two great children, Cheryl and Stephen. I worked as a school lunchroom manager and wrote stories in my spare time. I finally decided to publish my children’s book, Friends and Everywhere. Then I wrote The Lady of Esterbrooke after my husband passed away. My dad had been a caretaker of so many plantations while we were growing up, that I decided to use a plantation as my story’s backdrop. I am now living with my crazy cat, Charlie. I am working on my third book and hope to have it published by next year.

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