Serenely The Healing Volume 1

Author: Naomie Malekera


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About the Book

Serenely; The Healing VL. 1 is a poetic collective made of four chapters that explore the essence of internal healing. Acceptance is the first step that introduces the great challenges of facing trauma. Thus, the importance of accepting pain. Grief, is a more complex collection of reasons behind the importance of being vulnerable. It subjects pain to be a deep part of strength and provides quality to vulnerability. Recovery explores necessary steps that follow grievance of a certain pain. It’s a demonstration of forgiveness to whatever’s harmed the individual but also a translation of self-forgiveness as part of making ease with being a participant of the trauma. The last chapter entitled Restart, is a composition of a clean slate. Healing from anything consists of not limiting yourself from completely disassociating with a genre of people or things that caused your certain trauma. Serenely; The Healing VL. 1 is not a guarantee to immunity of pain but rather a matter of having control over the pain. You aren’t to be consumed by what pains you, let your pain be consumed by you instead.

Features & Details

Pages: 122
Genre: Poetry
Tags: #poetry, #serenelythehealingvolume1

About the Author

Naomie Kinja Kani Malekera is born and semi raised in the western African country of Democratic Republic of Congo. She spent six years of her life in the city of Bukavu, located in the eastern region of DRC Congo. Naomie comes from a home of two Congolese parents with different cultural backgrounds; she also has three sisters; two elder and one younger. In 2008, Naomie and her family were graced with the opportunity to move to the county of Canada; whereby she completed her elementary education and began her high school education. Naomie’s transition to the culture presented some difficulties but after some time, assimilation introduced what is now a deep desire of hers. At the age of sixteen, Naomie discovered a passion that was birthed as an outcome of poetic artistry. She began a blog named which was founded in September of 2015. As her skill developed and passion deepened, she took it upon herself to have a tangible collective of her creativity.

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