The Truth Divided

Author: Nakia Jones


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About the Book

The Truth Divided is about Officer Nakia Jones who became known to many after her passionate facebook post went viral in June of 2016 after the death of Alton Sterling an African American male shot to death by Police in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Officer Jones stepped outside of her uniform and in to her role of a mother of two African American sons, who reacts when her oldest son expresses to her the fear he has of some of the men and women who wear the same uniform she does. The words that would pierce the heart of any mother, and the words that no mother should ever hear her child say regardless of color. He asked, “Will I be the next African American male to be killed by police?” Within in the first 24 hours of her compassionate video it had been shared over 100 thousand times and viewed over 2 million times. Officer Nakia Jones became a hashtag and her powerful words “If you are white and you are working in an African American community and you dislike or are afraid of people who don’t look like you, you have no business in that uniform take it off”, this is still being shared today. Officer Jones also defended good Police Officers like her that she says would give their lives freely to protect their community from harm, she also told the community that all Police Officers are not racist or bad. Officer Jones takes you on her journey in this book touching on her life and why she decided to become a law enforcement officer as well answering the questions asked by many, what happened after the video? This book also tells Officer Jones’s desperate plea to the African American Community to stop killing one another, and the humble plea to the community not to target law enforcement officer. Most importantly you will get to see both sides of this heated topic that is shaking the nation from someone who lives both sides. Why the Truth Divided? Many say the truth will set you free. After reading this compelling book you be the judge. #IMWOKE

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Pages: 124
Genre: Biography
Tags: #biography, #thetruthdivided

About the Author

NAKIA JONES was born in Cleveland Ohio and is the oldest of her five siblings, in 1990 she graduated from Shaw High School (East Cleveland Ohio) and went on to attend Wilberforce University (Wilberforce Ohio) where she chose criminal justice as her major, with the hopes of becoming a Prosecutor. However, in 1996 after leaving Wilberforce University early she decided to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. On Sept 22, 1996 she took her first oath of office for the city of East Cleveland Ohio. In 1999 Nakia left East Cleveland PD and continued her Law Enforcement career for the city of Highland Hills, and finally believing she found the balance she wanted as Police Officer she left Highland Hills which was a very small suburb and on August 6, 2002 she was sworn in as the first African American female Police Officer. Nakia’s passion is the elderly and the youth. Nakia has on many occasions set with juveniles and their families even off duty to help them resolve problems explaining the importance of not allowing themselves to become a part of the judicial system. If you asked Officer Jones about why she became a Police Officer she would say I believe “I am my sister and brother’s keeper” believing that a little compassion, love, respect and destroying bias and prejudice beliefs will allow others to walk a mile in another’s shoes, will begin a start to healing the relationships between the community and the police and will make a difference in the world. And both sides will respectfully agree ALL LIVES MATTER! African Americans and Hispanics should not be a target because of the color of their skin. Just as a Police Officer should not be a target because of their Uniform, Through the thorns I became a Rose

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