Out Of The Shadows

Author: David J. Fogarty


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About the Book

“Out of the Shadows” follows Caroline York in the 1760s. Newly-arrived from Ireland, she settles upon her uncle’s farm to administer it. When they were besieged by unsolicited intrusions, Caroline repels them, only to suffer the mysterious death of her uncle, after which she herself is kidnapped by a surly and arrogant British captain. Her daughter and husband conspire to find her. They enlist support from the one-remaining French garrison in the region and a friendly Iroquois chieftain. Caroline is finally rescued. In turn, she vows to literally clean up the New York frontier by seeking to change the status-quo between those with power and those held in subservience. Armed with a beguiling wit and charm, she becomes the mistress of deception and cunning as she prevails upon some of the major power brokers of the day. In due course, she brings about needed changes in the New York socio-political structure which helped transform the colony into the standard-bearer of 18th century social justice, so carving out her own legacy.

Features & Details

Pages: 752
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #outoftheshadows

About the Author

The eldest of two siblings in a tight-knit family of four, author was born into a middle class, working family in a small-manufacturing city in central New York State. His parents urged both him and his sister to acquire the benefits of higher education which eluded them in their own youth. She went on to become a rehab counselor and he pursued secondary education, settling on Romance Languages; French and Spanish, after declining to undertake the study of law. A graduate of Michigan State University, BA and MS, he taught in the public schools in Detroit before moving back to his hometown where he became an itinerant teacher in area schools. He went on to pursue a graduate degree at Syracuse University and a BS in business and accounting from the State University of New York at Utica. When he attained the role of archivist at the Auburn Historical Society, he decided to create a novel which elaborated upon themes of human justice and equal opportunity. Writing, one of his hobbies, he decided to expand upon, if only to test the limits of his creativity. He purchased texts, performed scholarly research, conducted interviews, all in the interest of making his work a viable project. After several rewrites, he submitted the pages for publication, some eight years later.

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