Offshoots From The Narrowing Straight

Author: Kevin M Welsh


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About the Book

This book is the second of a series of six, which focuses on the emotional experiences of the author’s journeys through life. The main metaphor is a tree, of which the ‘narrowing straight’ is the trunk. The branches are the ‘offshoots’, the various tracks of his life. The leaves are his emotional experiences, which mature and then die. When they fall to the ground the experiences decay, but their nutrients nourish the hidden roots, which provide the tree with the resources to grow new leaves to sustain it. In the author’s view, life’s emotional experiences are thus continuously recycled.

Features & Details

Pages: 104
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #offshootsfromthenarrowingstraight

About the Author

The author has been writing poetry and other creative writing works for 50 years. He Lives in Lincolnshire in England, and he has two adult sons and a grandson. He served in the British Army for 24 years, having operated with the allied coalition in the first Gulf War 1990-91. After completion of military service, he worked as a professional registered mental health nurse in the National Health Service, before retiring in 2015. He is a university graduate with a BA Hons, studying psychology and literature. He is working currently on four more poetry books and a supernatural thriller novel.

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