Oracle - Mysteries of the Dreamworld

Author: Nailya Beh


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About the Book

This book contains the art of dream interpretation and the benefits that come out from them for an individual, no matter who they are. I have interpreted various dreams that guided many lives for contemporary persons as well as compiled the details of important dreams from the greatest people through the centuries. In addition, I have included the interpretation and elements for various situations e.g., education, love, marriage, illness, karma, interpreting geometrical figures to indicate what steps to take e.g. symbols, numerology, with a glossary indicating what steps to take and guidance for actions. With my examples, you will be able to realize your dreams or even prevent unfortunate events. Moreover, you will be able to learn to “order” the appropriate dream based on my simple methodology and get the solution to any problem. Most importantly, you will learn how to achieve your goals and objectives via your night dreaming.

Features & Details

Pages: 150
Genre: Philosophy
Tags: #philosophy, #oraclemysteriesofthedreamworld

About the Author

Although I have never studied psychology, I have always been studying dream psychology and philosophy through self-paced studies and reading books of Chris French (Sleep Paralysis), Sigmund Freud, Galina Vrublevskaya, and Nostradamus. I have 15 years of dream writing and monitoring their results. I have done research on the topic of 4th Dimensional Hypercube that is related to the Dream world. I have been compiling all my dreams (by writing them in my dream journal) from y. 2000 through now. I have recorded them and waited to see the results. Also I have compared the results on various interpretation book and they have confirmed the events. Many friends of mine always contacting me in order to find out various events through their dreams and almost all of them confirm that I have interpret their dream correctly. I have lived in Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Australia and each time I had to solve a dilemma or achieve my goals and objectives , I used to find out the answer though my dreams. My own dreams helped to be where I am now, and I am really grateful to God for giving me such an incredible journey, finding the mystery of dreams and being able to communicate with God via dreams.

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