As It Is

Author: Raymond G. Floodgate


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About the Book

Inside the pages of this book you will find what amounts to the meaning of life. It will give you an idea of the enormity of our universe and how small a part we play in it. The discoveries that unfold as you read the pages of this book will keep you engrossed as you find out why you are sent to the Earth, and the reason why you have not one life but many. It will guide you and give you an understanding that will leave you in no doubt about your place in this universe. This book will teach you how you can change the life you are living now into the life that, at this moment, you are only dreaming about. The book is written in plain English, is easy to understand and gives you an insight into how it is possible, through the means of meditation, relaxation and correct breathing, to alleviate stress thereby enabling you to develop your mind and physical well-being.

Features & Details

Pages: 132
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #asitis

About the Author

While still in his early twenties the author realized that there was more to life than society was offering and so took it upon himself to find the truth about why we are here on this world. He was guided towards the martial arts from which he learnt self-discipline, self-control and confidence. After studying various religions he was led towards meditation and then contemplation, through which he gained a better understanding of why we need to be on the Earth. He now teaches students this new-found knowledge and, through his Energy Healing Practice, he teaches the importance of life-force energy.

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