Ladies….make It Your Time Now!

Author: Mia M. Fujii


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About the Book

If you are a female and don’t have a lot of time to waste reading about things that won’t help you… If you have been searching for answers or looking for a book that is meant to be short and sweet, to the point tips on how to get noticed and advance in your career, this book is for you. _ This book is unique because it is written by a female that started out as most females, thinking she was doing all the right things to find the right job and further her career. But along the way, she learned a few things that she wanted to share with others, because if she had known these things earlier in life, it might have helped her to stress less and drive full-speed ahead more confidently. This book is not an instant fix-it type of book, it is more of a guide on how to get to the best you. To fulfill what you want in life. Whether it be the top of a major company, or to be the best whatever you decide to be…this book will inspire and help you to enjoy the journey to the best you! Most books take days to read and even more time to sink in as to what one should do after reading the book. This book gives you instant areas where you can immediately make changes in how you view things, how you go about your daily chores, and what you can do to change your future by starting with just a few new changes NOW! For young or old, this book will help change how you see yourself in the future if you do some of the things mentioned in these pages. Enjoy reading and ladies…. some exciting news…MAKE IT YOUR TIME NOW!!!

Features & Details

Pages: 182
Genre: Reference
Tags: #reference, #ladies….makeityourtimenow!

About the Author

Mia M. Fujii is a third generation Japanese American US Citizen. Born and raised in Southern California, and has attended schools in the Tustin and Irvine Unified School Districts. Graduated from University of California at Irvine with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. “Mia M. Fujii is married to husband Roy since 1994, mother of 3 children, ages 21 (Summer), 19 (Heather) and 15 (Zachary).”.

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