Healing Proof

Author: Nancy Chaffee


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About the Book

Healing Proof, written by Nancy Chaffee, tells the story of young Dr. Mia Fletcher, a general surgeon with a specialty in orthopedics, who leaves Atlanta, Georgia, to volunteer for six months at a charity hospital in the southern part of Africa. The book describes Dr. Fletcher’s experiences at the hospital, the people she meets, her patient experiences, and what happens while she is volunteering. The book describes what takes place with the passengers and the crew as Mia flies commercially from Durban to Johannesburg, South Africa. The book contains mystery, drama, romance, intrigue, and family dynamics.

Features & Details

Pages: 108
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #healingproof

About the Author

Nancy Chaffee wrote this novel after being inspired by the dedication of the men and women who volunteer their services at their own expenses to provide healthcare throughout the world for those who are unable to pay. She was so impressed with the teamwork and the diversity of the volunteers that it motivated her to write a story depicting characters from one of the healthcare arenas in Africa. With her background as a pharmacist with a PD doctorate degree and a Master of Science in Health Administration, she was able to apply the knowledge needed to write the book. Nancy was inspired to illustrate how “Healing Proof” occurs every day all over the world by healthcare volunteers who go unrecognized and perform these tasks to make the world a better place to live expecting nothing in return. Nancy lives in a small town, south of Atlanta, Georgia, USA on a miniature horse farm, where she donates her horses to children with special needs. The book emphasizes that you never lose faith no matter the circumstances and through prayer you can do all things. Nancy hopes that you enjoy the novel as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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