Are You Effing Kidding Me?: Observations From The Ground Level

Author: Nathan T. Jennings


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Pages: 98
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #areyoueffingkiddingme?:observationsfromthegroundlevel

About the Author

Nathan T. Jennings, called “Nate” by those who know him, grew up in a working-class home living mostly in America’s southern states. As a child and teenager, Nate’s family ping-ponged between Connecticut, Florida, and South Carolina. As an adult, Nate spent most of his life living in Atlanta, Georgia. Like many Americans, Nate’s family was racially mixed: with most of his relatives being black Americans (African-American). Nate spent most of his life living in predominantly black neighborhoods, such as Atlanta’s SWATS neighborhoods (southwest of downtown). It wasn’t until his early thirties that Nate found himself living in predominantly white American environments during a stint in the United States Army and while attending college in Seattle. Though most of Nate’s social values could be considered “Liberal”, Nate is not indoctrinated in Liberal mindset the way many mainstream white Americans are. Nate scoffs at political correctness, feminism, and most of all white guilt. Nate agrees with Conservatives on issues such as individualism and the 2nd Amendment, and acknowledges that the Right holds far less institutional power than the Left of late. Though he disagrees with Conservatives on many social issues, Nate doesn’t treat Conservatives with the same vitriol that the current Left do. Though a bit more aware of the greater world than most people from his native environments, Nate isn’t all doom and gloom. Nate sees his world as an ongoing series of events and cultural shifts that are par for human existence, regardless of time period or society. A bit sarcastic, and at times enjoying the trivial, Nate treats a good deal of his world as a source of entertainment.

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