The House Of Remember When

Author: Scott Jameson Sanders


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About the Book

The House of Remember When focuses on a middle-aged man, Neil Moreland, who is dealing with a broken marriage, a boring job, and an estranged father suffering from dementia. Written in first-person narrative, the story weaves significant life events into his present-day problems as Neil attempts to put his life and family back together. From the beginning, Neil is drawn to an old abandoned home that turns out to be a time portal that allows him to go back in time to relive past moments in his life. With the help of a guide, Dobie, he chooses events that had a significant negative or positive impact on his life and personality. Unlike with a theoretical time machine, Neil is not able to change his actions or the outcome of the previous event, but he is able to review the experience and see it from a new perspective. In the process, Neil is better able to deal with the death of a significant loved one and to fill the emptiness in his life. Learning that faith and trust are critical to any relationship, Neil takes one last trip back in time to his wedding day to review his vows to his wife, Rachel.

Features & Details

Pages: 208
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #thehouseofrememberwhen

About the Author

Scott Jameson Sanders is currently an independent business owner with a degree in psychology and an MBA in finance. He has been writing virtually his entire life and has completed many short stories and over twelve screenplays. He and his brother are also avid songwriters with over four hundred songs in their combined portfolio. Beginning with the support of his English teacher in ninth grade, Scott has had a lot of experience in creative writing and storytelling. He is married and has two teenage children, both adopted from China.

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