A Child’s Guide To Wisdom

Author: Everton Robinson


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About the Book

A Child’s Guide to Wisdom was designed to serve as a guide for parents in the transferal of wisdom to their children. The book offers a collection of fifty key principles in the form of easy-to-remember, common-sense-based definitions, intended to build character in your child by instilling in him or her important qualities that will result in a life of wisdom and success. Even before the child is able to read on his own, exposure to the principles in A Child’s Guide to Wisdom through oral repetition, can provide tremendous benefit in the early shaping and development of the child’s character. For the older student, the book offers the parent or guardian a compensation system that may be used to motivate the reader to learn the principles. Mastery of the principles presented in A Child’s Guide to Wisdom can add great value and effectiveness to the way in which the child approaches problems and addresses challenges throughout his or her life. This simple, yet powerful book is a must for every home library and a valuable resource for organized youth training and development programs.

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Pages: 70
Genre: Family & Relationship
Tags: #familyrelationship, #achild’sguidetowisdom

About the Author

Rev. Everton (Tony) Robinson has worked over 38 years in church leadership as a minister, elder, worship leader and steward, and has shared the principles of wisdom through his work with various church-based organizations. In addition, he has mentored a variety of spiritual leaders and has conducted marriage enrichment programs that have been instrumental in saving many marriages. Rev. Robinson, the son of a minister, spent most of his childhood and formative years attending church. Robinson left the church during his midteens and remained “unchurched” until his mid-twenties. However, after coming to the realization that his own skill, business acumen and intellect were not enough—and that he needed a relationship with God--he began to study the Bible with a true passion, and became fascinated with the concept of wisdom. He embraced wisdom, and decided to make it a way of life for himself, his wife, and his future children. Sometime later, Robinson attended a business seminar in which he learned principles of success. He was so inspired by the success principles that he began to identify key principles of wisdom to teach to his children. With the encouragement of his wife, Judith, Rev. Robinson compiled the 50 principles presented in this book. Rev. Robinson is currently an Ordained Deacon in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, California; an Investment Advisor with FIT Planning Group; an entrepreneur in the E-Commerce business space; a songwriter, and a family man, residing in Buena Park, California. He may be reached for personal appearances at trobinson1952@gmail.com.

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