The Mystery Of Iniquity Explained

Author: Lyman Booth


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About the Book

This book was printed by RESTITUTION HERALD PRESS, Oregon, Illinois, 1929. Friends of the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith’s requested their General Conference IN THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY to gather all information available regarding Biblical devil. To have no objections to copyrights a limited number were then made available for general distribution. The writings used to compile THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY A BIBLICAL EXPOSITION OF THE DEVIL were collected from scholars of Greek and Hebrew and scholars who devoted considerable time to the study of the Scriptures. Almost a century later friends are again making this important work available to readers.

Features & Details

Pages: 186
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #themysteryofiniquityexplained

About the Author

This work by Lyman Booth is a compilation of writings of eminent nineteenth century authors concerned with existence of a super-natural and ever-present being, popularly called, “The Devil.” Many Greek and Hebrew scholars were guided by what the New Testament writers really wrote, instead of what the received text (King James Version) makes them appear to have written. All Greek and Hebrew terms are listed for the reader’s consideration. This is a careful and earnest study guiding the reader into a full knowledge of the subject that may lead to revising previous impressions.

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