Fabled Truths: Self Portraits And Poetic Essays Vol. III

Author: Lurlynn Franklin


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About the Book

With themes wrapped around tabooed comedy routines, Fabled Truths, Volume Three is the third of three collections containing easy, but uncomfortable, self-portraits and poetic essays addressing social situations through parodies of American iconography, uncompromised profiling and mindless stereotyping. The book presents skewed modern snapshots of what a long history of bias has left on the shared consciousness of Americans, guiding the viewer’s outside and deeper inside the skins of what their own surface assessments of cultures, social practices and gender identities might be, with a challenge to cross the battle-lines between the fables and the truths of those assessments. Fabled Truths is not just about race and sex, the poor or the rich. It is about differences, minute and profound, the fragile separations between individuals, and how those thin lines deem every human being subject to becoming somebody’s punch-line, somebody’s joke, the center of a one-liner. Crossing paths in content, these 16 self-portraits and 20 poetic essays do not entirely define each other, very much like “those people” who live in the other part of town. Those “others” who we have to drive past to get to our part of town. Those “others” who, based on “a casual two second encounter. . . lead to our complete/one minute summation/of the “others” entire existence. . .”

Features & Details

Pages: 54
Genre: Art
Tags: #art, #fabledtruths:selfportraitsandpoeticessaysvol.iii

About the Author

Lurlynn Franklin is a painter, a writer and an elementary arts educator living in Memphis, Tennessee with her daughter, Kaylie. This is her third book.

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