Jason The Juggernaut Series: The Unstoppable Light

Author: Timothy Caraway


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About the Book

The big man tried another tactic, which was a mistake. He smiled. His top teeth were filed to fine points... Jason made the mistake of trying to grab for the can of mace in his pocket. The man hit him hard with a body slam that sent the little can of pressurized irritants flying into the woods and Jason falling to his back. As the backwoods warrior stepped in to grab Jason again, Jason kicked hard to the inside of the knee, throwing the man down again. Both man and boy regained their feet at the same time, and the man again charged. Had Jason been fighting as the large muscular man he was only a few days ago, he would have had no trouble throwing the charging barbarian, but he had to remind himself to fight as a kid would against someone over three times his weight...

Features & Details

Pages: 498
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #jasonthejuggernautseries:theunstoppablelight

About the Author

Raised in the backwoods of Alaska, Tim Caraway incorporates much of what he has actually experienced in his book. An adventurer and martial artist, he brings characters to life in a unique way. Many of his experiences are too bizarre to even incorporate into fantasy books, and the dangers he has survived while commercial fishing point to a God who will intercede on our behalf. The son of artists, he experiments with many sources of creativity. This extends to everything he does, including ministering to troubled youth. His message is that we are created in the image of the Creator and are bestowed with far greater power than we often realize. The power of choice, the most precious of powers, helps us overcome the world.

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