The Tsunami Of God

Author: Kamal Almasi


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About the Book

Viveka is the great knowledge of correct distinction. That is not just about demons attack. But we have a dangerous enemy named our little self. The mysterious and highly professional enemy that uses five senior commanders: anger, greed, dependency, selfishness and lust to fight with us. It is may be very enjoyable to look at the prospects of the universe within, but there are also many traps to captive the soul. Most of these traps are of a kind of inner experience which has captured most of the followers of religions and other ideologies. The reason for being affected by these traps is of putting a person as a polar in the name of the sacred existence and following him. They consider anyone who shines in light in inner words as a holy person and sacred, that is why they do not hear the silent sound of God.

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Pages: 126
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #thetsunamiofgod

About the Author

KAMAL ALMASI was born in 1971 Kurdistan of Iran. At the age of 14 he found that has a great interest in writing. At the age of 18, he was writing a book. And at the age of 20, published his first book. He was later trained and received attention through inner and outer experiences by Ancient Masters with the teachings of Light and Sound and discovered the secret of his childhood experiences. At age of 27 he came into action seriously and promoted the teachings of God’s Light and Sound in Iran. He received the ovation of enthusiasts more than he could imagine. So he wrote several books about this. And he is the founder of institutions that helps people connect more with God’s two divine aspects, Light and Sound through workshops and various meetings. Eventually, the Iranian government arrested and detained him on charges of apostasy. He was released after three years of imprisonment. But because he started his activities again. He was prosecuted again By the Iranian government. And this time he went to the Iraqi state of Kurdistan and he became a refugee. Although he respects different religions, but he has no kind of religious dependency. He knows the teachings of Sound and Light merely as a kind of spiritual knowledge. Because he believes that the existence of religious organizations for publishing Light and Sound teachings is a kind of distortion of these teachings and misleads people. He has already written several books that this book Tsunami of God is one of the most important ones and excellent work of him which is translated to English and published in all over the world. Other works from this author: Sugmad, The God of Love, The Secret Silence of God, Prince of Light, Conversation with Inner Master, Dreams that Come to You, Spiritual Journey of the soul, The key to Spiritual Perception.

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