A Thousand Sleeps

Author: Mike Taylor


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About the Book

What if the friend you grew up with had just walked off into the forest and you were told by an old woman that he would not be seen again for four generations? What if a Judge sent armed men to hunt for him when you couldn’t find him? This same Judge would stop at nothing to get the missing deed to the valley and the water that runs through it and he knows your friend has it. It is also the story of a young boy and his secret friendship with one who is at odds with his family. And of a father who is unsure of his future or his past; caught in a tailspin of emotion, deeply troubled by what is expected and what is right. And the love he traded to become the future head of the Appleton fortune. Set in the old west in the town of Goose Creek, A Thousand Sleeps follows two friends, Tom and Al, who embark on a perilous journey that will take them into their old age. But they won’t be alone. The Appleton’s, a powerful and ruthless family driven by greed and violence, will join them along with an unsuspecting young writer for the local paper who digs up a dangerous past that might have been better left buried. In the end it is the story of rebirth, a discovery of self. Of old friends reunited, lost love rekindled. A father and son finding each other. And forbidden friendships embraced by all.

Features & Details

Pages: 436
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #athousandsleeps

About the Author

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