Precious Treasures From Grandie River

Author: Wilton Broomes


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About the Book

This book is a literary fiction whose setting began on the Caribbean island of Tobago, but was expanded to Europe and other parts of the world, to mimic the movements of the Caribbean peoples during the Colonial era and after the islands had gained their independence. The book contains elements of some real events, which might have been exaggerated, and were stitched together like the various pieces of fabrics in a quilted sheet in order to link together the discourse of the book. Where a portion of the book is similar to a real episode, the names of the characters have been changed, and the spellings of some of the characters and places in some conversations were intentionally misspelled in order to imitate the broken English that is commonly spoken in Trinidad and Tobago. The reader is advised not to try to associate any of the names of those characters and places to any real person or location they know, seeing that some of the real stories might not have been connected to each other, or might have been fictitious altogether and were used just to suit the narratives of this book. The work attempted to capture what life was like during the period which the book covers, and to promote national unity and racial harmony.

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Pages: 122
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #precioustreasuresfromgrandieriver

About the Author

He’s a retired environmental engineer who now has three self-published books: the first, An Anthology of Stories about My Family is a collection of stories which he remembers about him growing up in the Caribbean; and the second, Follow the Manual, is a clarion call for people to accept his conservative views about the Holy Bible. You may get them from Barnes and Noble or Some of his hobbies are writing, reading, and listening to religious and philosophical opinions by various speakers in person or on the electronic media.

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