A Winter's Burial

Author: Frank C. Annunziata


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About the Book

I wondered if I should write this book. I prayed about it and learned something –continue. Obviously I would hope that this undertaking sells a lot of books, but I hope it does for different reasons. I hope that this book makes people think of their own lives, whether good or bad and to correct them if they see that they are living wrongly, before any type of tragedy happens in their lives. I hope that it would open up doors of conversation, because my basic question is this: “Is a person’s sadness caused by lack of being able to compete, or the ability or inability to love?” Does this sadness lead to complacency, apathy, or procrastination?” “Or, does haste make waste?”

Features & Details

Pages: 24
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #awinter'sburial

About the Author

I am a resident of New York City, a senior citizen at 63. I used to be a medical records clerk who worked at 2 different hospitals in a 3 year span physically placing the files in their respective shelves after placing the correct pages in the file. I am retired now. I was raised by my Irish German mother Anne and my Italian father Michael who was a veteran from World War 2. We lived in Brooklyn and I have a younger brother, Steve and a younger sister, Grace who lives in Orlando now with her son James and her grandson James Jr... I went to Catholic school and wrote this book to reflect that somewhat even though I am now a reborn Christian who was an addict after graduating college. I am now disabled and spend my time writing music, painting, and writing stories. I love to cook. My parents are now deceased and I have no children and never married.

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