Modern Errors About The New Testament

Author: William Van Leeuwen


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About the Book

This book was written over a period of some 18 years to combat numerous modern misconceptions about the New Testament, its history, its authors both as given by early Christians and pagans, the reasons it was considered inspired, and the meaning from the actual wording of the New Testament. Modern scholars are so wrong in their assessments of the New Testament with their seemingly “logical proofs” but upon deeper examination those proofs are seen as false assumptions without any real proof and contradicted by the New Testament itself and its early history from the beginnings of Christianity.

Features & Details

Pages: 540
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #modernerrorsaboutthenewtestament

About the Author

I was born in 1942 in Amstelveen, Noord Holland, the Netherlands, and emigrated from there to Canada as a very young teenage member of a family of eight kids. I saw no need to be set back one grade as standard for all immigrants and sought a means to avoid that penalty without out-and-out lying to the authorities. Since we were in one of the last single classrooms, taught by one teacher for all eight grades, there was no official checking of age or class reports and the like, etc. No one could read the latter since they were written in Dutch. So instead I was demoted from grade seven to the higher grade eight and a few weeks later promoted to grade nine, because I had been in high school (called low high school in Holland) and thus assumed to have been in grade nine before this demotion. So, I gained two years over any “regular” immigrant. Over the years, I completed my education with basically ten years of university studies of both undergraduate and graduate courses with an undergraduate degree in rational philosophy and several advanced degrees.

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