Elixir For You

Author: D Laxman Gadtaula


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About the Book

This book is a small window to look a part of the United States. Jason is the principal character of this book. Now he has become useful in society. Before he was useless. Alex tried to do some personal effort to make him useful. _is book tries to show a real picture of the erosion of humanity, which is reflected in a convenience store. _at is why the author called this book a mirror of a US community. The style of this book is totally different than other books because in this book Alex tried to make a picture against the motion of the community. Other books describe stories of successful characters, but this book describes the story of a failed character that was made by the state and the community. One person, Alex, took a risk in doing something to make Jason useful to society. After long personal effort, one homeless and mismanaged person become social and useful in the unity, but that is not enough because the attempt made by Alex is only personal. If authorities want, they can make a good human power for the homeless and mismanaged community. Whatever Alex did can become a role model and a lesson for authorities and the community.

Features & Details

Pages: 182
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #elixirforyou

About the Author

Laxman was a teacher. He immigrated to the United States from Nepal in 2009. After he immigrated, he started a new chapter in his life. He has had a unique experience from being a teacher to a laborer, just like the report of an ECG test. The nature of an ECG is always up and down, never straight or up and up. Now he self-studies the US community. He has faced and experienced so many ups and down. When he sees some bitter situation in front of him, he tries to write something about it for the betterment of the future generation.

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