Bhrigu Mahesh: The Difficult Tenants

Author: Nisha Singh


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About the Book

On his third adventure, Bhrigu Mahesh gets a visit from a famous builder called Govardhan Narayan, who is perplexed by his own house where he had lived for more than twenty years. It seems as if his kothi isn’t very accepting of tenants because as soon as the man puts it up for tenancy, mysterious events start to unfold. The old house is not at all fond of its new occupants and is forcing them to abandon it in sheer panic. When the fifth tenant hastily leaves the building, Mr. Narayan comes at the end of his wits and approaches Bhrigu Mahesh to solve this seemingly insoluble problem. Bhrigu accepts it at once but as soon as he begins to get to the heart of the mystery, his peace of mind is destroyed. _ is problem, it turns out, is not just a simple challenge but a puzzle which is going to shake the great detective’s faith in his own formidable talent and make him question his own splendid gift.

Features & Details

Pages: 386
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #bhrigumahesh:thedifficulttenants

About the Author

Nisha Singh is a crime fiction enthusiast, an emotional logician and the creator of Bhrigu Mahesh. This is the third book in the series after ‘The Witch of Senduwar’ and ‘_ e Return of Damayanti’ that features the great detective and his scribe, Sutte.

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