Easy Recipes 5

Author: Chef Lille


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About the Book

This book is about hydrating your eyes, and all my recipes go in that direction! Your eyes are fine organs that need to be nourished as we apply make-up and disrupt the natural balance. You need help, and I am here to provide it for you! With my Easy Recipes 5 book, you will need a wonderful Smoothie with a capability of bringing vitamins C and A in great quantity, so I called it California Shake, since we live in a desert area, and we need everything that can get water into our system, and water with the right vitamins, and the right quantity of sugar.

Features & Details

Pages: 50
Genre: Cooking
Tags: #cooking, #easyrecipes5

About the Author

Chef Lille has studied Nutrition and obtained a diploma by Hartford, then started researching in Nature methods of obtaining the fiber, vitamins and proteins, but also how to take care of our organs. In her researches she found out a way to make a dessert that tasted delicious but contained no sugar, so people that had issues with sugar could have their sweet bread at the end of the day, as well. The homemade salad dressing that had no chemicals added to it was nutritious as well, bring egg as one of its components. Further on, a French Cooking and Catering made the nutritional dishes tasty!

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