Easy Recipes 8

Author: Chef Lille


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About the Book

Throwing a party seems fun and it is easy now: watermelon magic comes to your table center, and you can have sharks, boats and a birthday presentation for your kids’ delight! The grape juice will be delicious and natural, and filled with nutrition! I will show you how to make a peach cake that will be delicious and sensational to look! And what about a fruit salad filled with anti-oxidants? My kid’s rice will have them eating with pleasure, adapt this idea to other grains and vegetables and make your kids healthy!

Features & Details

Pages: 48
Genre: Cooking
Tags: #cooking, #easyrecipes8

About the Author

Chef Lille has studied in the finest nutrition class in West Los Angeles, where she was presented with the essence of Nutrition. She moved on to get 2 degrees at Stratford, being taught French Cuisine and Nutrition and Fitness. Her diplomas were given to her with honorable degrees and then she went on to research how it could help the human body! Now she has published the results of her intensive research in a collection of 8 books, each one with an incredible take on health and nutrition!

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