Beneath The Surface II

Author: Dr. Mary E. Adams


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About the Book

All along life’s journey, whenever you are confronted with overwhelming challenges, sometimes, it’s tempting to look for shortcuts, in an attempt to avoid pain and suffering. Challenges however, present opportunities, through a preparation process for becoming confident in creative abilities which can significantly impact your desire to succeed. It is marvelous to learn that God has been working behind the scenes, beneath the surface, to remove undesirable elements in order to bring you forward at the right time, in the right season, with the right people. Whenever storms and strong winds are blowing in your life, causing disruptions, uncertainties and discouragement, it’s a time for evaluating who you really are at the core. If your identity is insecure, disturbing chain of events can contribute to being caught up in a vortex of doubt, anxiousness, causing frustration and an inability to focus. You cannot guide the wind but can choose to embrace changes. Underground excavation is necessary for discovering hidden and valuable treasure that’s been lying deep beneath the surface. This process helps with clarifying why you were called and chosen to fulfill a unique purpose. Although plans can be disrupted by devastating circumstances, you have an opportunity to reframe the situation and make the best out of a difficult occurrence. Reframe self-talk by saying positive statements like: I am necessary for the assignment given; I am a winner; I really matter; I am very important for fulfilling a unique assignment. Difficult seasons are not chosen; however, you can choose an appropriate response. There are no shortcuts to excellence, it cost what it cost and never goes on sale.

Features & Details

Pages: 86
Genre: Self-Help
Tags: #selfhelp, #beneaththesurfaceii

About the Author

it cost and never goes on sale. Dr. Mary E. Adams is Senior Pastor- MT Zion Cathedral, Fredericksburg, VA. She travels extensively as a preacher, teacher, encourager for the body of Christ and is committed to promoting unity and love within her sphere of influence. Dr. Adams is married to (CSM-Ret) Robert Adams and resides in Stafford, VA. They have one daughter- Benita (Sidney), two grandchildren- Takisha and Dominique; two great-grandchildren- Nariyah and Jalen. She has authored eight other books: Beneath the Surface Pursuing the Upward Call The Best Days are Ahead For Such a Time as This Sounds of Destiny On the Way There For the Applause of Heaven Living on Purpose

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