How Yin Yoga Healed My Student's Knee

Author: Gabriel Azoulay


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About the Book

Your KNEE is in PAIN. Now you hobble out of class. This is what happened to Elina Sinisalo, massage therapist and yoga practitioner. She went to yoga, and hurt her knee. As a therapist she worked on her knee, but it never really felt right again. Renowned Thai Massage and Yoga Teacher Training Consultant GabeYoga, was coming to Leipzig, Germany to lead a Thai Yoga training. Elina enrolled in the course and had asked his opinion to her knee issue. When GabeYoga suggested the pain was do to restriction still at the hip, Elina was not convinced. GabeYoga suggested a few poses he called “Yin Poses,” and said if she chose to move through them for only 3-5 min each, not more than 20 min total, she will feel better in less than 30 days. A few months later Elina emailed him to tell him that while she did not believe his assessment, and took her awhile to commit to what he suggested. She finally went through the sequence every day for a week before bed, and elated had NO PAIN in the knee in her favorite yoga pose (that caused the problem to begin with). She could not believe how yin yoga helped healed her knee. How the specific sequence GabeYoga suggested was so effective and counter intuitive to what she thought.

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Pages: 72
Genre: Health & Fitness
Tags: #healthfitness, #howyinyogahealedmystudent'sknee

About the Author

Gabriel Azoulay is an internationally renowned Yoga and Thai Massage instructor with more than seventeen years of experience practicing and teaching. He combines his Holistic Health Coach training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, completing their advanced Immersion program, to empower his classes with information and tools for life outside the Mat. He has developed teacher training programs for today’s largest yoga corporations, and continues to travel throughout the world teaching and supporting both students and teachers. To learn more about Gabriel Azoulay visit him on

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