Into His Presence At The Speed Of Thought

Author: S. E. Jemigbeyi


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About the Book

Sin, bad habits, or weaknesses of the flesh play a major role in the lives of more than 70 percent of people today. Mankind has lived and breathed under their influences since the days of Adam, and this has left a six-thousand year- old yearning for a righteous walk in the heart of every man now living. This dark force, this werewolf called sin, has taken control of man’s emotions and will, prevailing unhindered. It is a war against mankind. And although man has fought in the past, sadly, these days it seems he has given up the fight and accepted sin as the norm. This book provides a way out. It provides the silver bullets that mankind has been looking for. Sin is a werewolf, a slippery slope to a destination not prepared for man. This book will teach you how to get to that high place where the influences of the flesh hold no sway by dwelling in the presence of God.

Features & Details

Pages: 76
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #intohispresenceatthespeedofthought

About the Author

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