Loving Proof

Author: Nancy Chaffee


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About the Book

Loving Proof is a novel about a young pilot that works for an Australian Airline who is promoted from first officer to captain of the planes that she flies. Capt. Lily Michelle Fletcher is given a two-month assignment that changes her life forever. Capt. Fletcher flies back and forth from Darvelle Province near France to Sydney, Australia, twenty-two and a half hours each way every week for six weeks. Her project is to transport one hundred fifty children from the Darvelle Children’s Home to the Sydney Children’s Home during the six flights. The Darvelle Home is closing because of non-funding, and the children are being adopted to families in Australia through the Australian government and the Sydney Children’s Home. Lily, with a master’s degree in accounting and finance, decides to volunteer at the Sydney Children’s Home when she is not flying during her two-month assignment. Find out what happens to Lily and all the changes that take place in her life because of the “loving proof ” of God’s kindness. The book has love, romance, family, intrigue, and mystery.

Features & Details

Pages: 120
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #lovingproof

About the Author

The author, Nancy Chaffee, with her background as a pharmacist with a PD doctorate degree, a master of science in health administration, and as an adoptive parent, was able to apply her experience and knowledge needed to write the book. Nancy Chaffee wrote this novel after being inspired by the dedication of the men and women who volunteer and work with children services throughout the world to find families and better homes for those children who are less fortunate. She was so impressed with the teamwork and the diversity of the workers and volunteers involved with children services that it motivated her to write a story depicting characters whose lives were positively impacted by such children. Nancy lives in a small town south of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on a miniature horse farm, where she donates her horses to children with special needs. The book emphasizes that you never lose faith no matter the circumstances and through prayer you can do all things. The novel emphasizes the “loving proof of God’s kindness” throughout our lives. Nancy hopes that you enjoy the novel as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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