Rage In Storm: Storm VI

Author: Steven Paul Germane


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About the Book

Revenge. That’s what I wanted. I needed it for solace. I needed it to pay back Victor Grant for all the bullshit he put me through. My family through. People I cared and knew through. He was ruthless and he had one goal. That was to take everything my dad had away from him, whether it was his business, mom and most of all me. He wanted me. I loathed him with everything I had in me. However, there was something that was drawing me to his power, his hunger, his passion, his wealth. Him. I wanted to make him suffer. I had to come up with a plan to take him down. I would either do it alone or with Adam, Antonio, Julio or anyone else who would help me do it. I felt used and hurt but was it because deep inside, I felt something more for him than I realized? I could have the world because of his power and because of being on his side. Was I truly ready for this? I had to be. Victor kept telling me I belonged to him. But if I truly was his, why did he do the things he did to me? I kept remembering what he repeated over and over to me at times, “What you actually see isn’t always as it seems.” I took that as nothing is ever what you truly see. There’s always something added or missing. However, my goal, regardless of what has happened over the last year, months, days, that I wanted my revenge and I would stop at nothing to get it. I would have my revenge and it was going to be so sweet. I would show him a real Storm when I got through with him and he wouldn’t know what happened during my rage.

Features & Details

Pages: 430
Genre: Fiction
Tags: #fiction, #rageinstorm:stormvi

About the Author

Steven Paul-Germanè, American author of The Barber’s Shop and Storm Series, amongst other titles, lives in Mansfield, Texas. He is the father of five and recent divorcee. He studied Computer Information Systems at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He is currently working on book seven of his Storm Series and finishing up his long-awaited book Night Stalker, which will be published soon. Mr. Germanè is currently working on several other titles with no tentative dates, yet, to when he will have them finished or published. Although he loves writing, he also enjoys singing, writing songs and poetry as well as posting to his Twitter account and voicing his ideas and opinions in real time. Mr. Germanè’s word of advice to upcoming writers is, “As long as you can think it, dream it or say it, you can write it. It may not fall in place the way you want it too, but it will fall in place eventually. Never doubt yourself and always stay true to yourself. Don’t conform to society, make society love you and accept you, because you are unique and you deserve to be happy and tell your story.”

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