Keeping The People That Keep The Family

Author: Seun Odumbo


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About the Book

It is the responsibility of everyone to live a life style that helps keep members of families and the communities together in peace and in love. When the needs of a member of a family are ignored or denied, it can impact the community in return. We are all from one source created to love one another and be in peace as one family. We ought not to keep record of love giving to one another because love is not a game where you must keep scores. Whenever you give some, you will always have some. This book is remarkable, and it is Holy Spirit inspired to change many lives, so we can all live in peace with one another and make our communities better place for all to live. This is a book for individuals, families, communities, the states, countries, the continents and the whole world.

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Pages: 92
Genre: Family & Relationship
Tags: #familyrelationship, #keepingthepeoplethatkeepthefamily

About the Author

Seun Odumbo is an MBA graduate from _ e Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague, the Netherlands. He is very compassionate, always ready to help at all time, and willing to know every bit of useful information. Seun Odumbo who also authored ‘A Grateful Heart’ published in 2017, is a prolific writer with a wealth of knowledge in humanities, religious, social and family life style. He has a special and keen interest in the unity, love and togetherness of the nuclear and extended families, communities, states, continents and the world at large. In this book, he has been able to list out the factors of disunity and their consequences as well as the factors of unity and their consequences, from which each family and the global community can draw from his wealth of knowledge. We would have, no doubt families and communities full of progress, love, peace and tranquility.

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